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Traffic Exchange Strategies

Traffic exchanges are meant to be simple.

The purpose is to share pageviews with other members. You can think of the surfbar as a “marketplace” where everyone is competing for signups and sales. The goal is to have the best attention-grabbing webpages to stand out from the crowd.

If everyone else is rotating full-content blogs, and generic affiliate pages, your simple eye-popping Splash Page will attract a lot more click response. While others might complain that “the traffic doesn’t work”, you’ll have click tracking stats that prove it DOES work.

You can’t rotate a generic affiliate page and expect great results. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way. The best strategy is to promote simple and unique Splash Pages and Squeeze Pages that funnel prospects into your email marketing list, or to your primary business.

Every internet marketer and online business needs a List Builder. If you’re serious about improving your productivity and boosting your results, email marketing is absolutely essential. – We recommend Rocket Responder.

With Rocket Responder you can create an opt-in form where visitors can enter in their information. When you have a list of leads, you can send follow-up emails, product information and recommendations, etc. This is an excellent tool for personal branding, building a positive reputation and customer loyalty.

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